Friday, 22 April 2011

The formative convention of Communist Workers Platform (CWP)

  The formative convention of Communist Workers Platform (CWP) was held at R.R. Mandapam at Madurai for 3 days from 19th to 21st of November. The first 2 days of the convention was held indoor. The last day open session was held at Kannaiah Muththammaal Marriage Hall, Sellur, Madurai.

Participants from 7 states namely West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Bihar, Jharkand, Chattishgarh , Udhar Pradesh, Maharashtra took part in the Convention. The number of participants in the indoor session was 49 in total.

On 19th Forenoon Comarde Shankar Singh , our beloved leader hoisted the red flag of the international Communist movement in front of the venue of the indoor sessions. The First session of the convention stated with the playing of internationale.

The presidium of the convention comprised of Com.Shankar Singh and A.Anandan of Tamilnadu. The first session took up for discussion a document prepared by Com.Shankar Singh at the behest of the preparatory committee.

The document essentially outlined the necessity for developing a real Communist party in the background wherein all the parties functioning in the name of Communist virtually degenerated into non - working class organizations leaving aside the path of class - struggle. It also took note of the compelling need of CWP for switching over from non-formal functioning without elected Committees to constitutional functioning with elected committees.

      On 20th Novemeber the document on National and international situation prepared and placed by Com.Shankar Singh at the behest of the All India Committee during a meeting at Chandrapur some years back was taken up for discussion. The Hindi and Tamil rendering of the document was also done in view of bringing its contents to the doorsteps of all the participants who spoke different languages. Comrades took part in the discussion with complete involvement and many suggestions and amendments also came in the course of discussion. The discussion on this document lasted almost two long sessions. Adoption of the constitution and the election of central committee took place at the late night session held on 20th November. The constitution mainly highlighted the duties and obligations of members.

In view of the vastness of our country and the formative nature of our organization it was decided that the organization would have 3 General Secretaries representing East, North, and Southern states of the country. It was also decided that Com.Shankar Singh as the concrete expression of the collective thought of the Platform would function as its Chairman and guide. Apart from the General Secretaries an Eight member Central Committee was also elected. It was also decided that Com.K.Kathiresan a leading Comrade from Tamilnadu will participate in all the Central Committee meetings as its Special Invitee.

On 21st of November open session was held at Kannaiah Muthammal marriage Hall. Comrades from many parts of Tamilnadu such as Sivakasi, Pollachi, Nagarcoil, Madurai and Chennai took part in the meeting in good numbers. The meeting was presided over by Com.T.Sivakumar one of the member of the newly elected Central Committee. Since it was a Hindu festival day attendance of the local people was not as expected. However many people listned the  meeting standing nearby road side, and tea shops. After the presidential address by Com.Sivakumar, Com.Shankar Singh shared his views with the audience. Since Com.Shankar Singh could not make a speech his speech in written form was read out and translated to the gathering.

Representing West Bengal another Central Committee member Com.Budhev Roy addressed the meeting in English; Com.VibinMahdo from Chattisgarh addressed the gathering in Hindi. Both the speeches were translated by Com.Prem Kumar who is also a newly elected Central Committee member into Tamil. Finally Com.A.Ananthan, one of the three newly elected General Secretaries addressed the meeting at length. Even though it was not possible for the organizers to render all the speeches to the Comrades in their native tongues, the Comrades who attended the meeting listened to the speeches of Comrades  with rapt attention. The discipline that was there among the Comrades attending the meeting was appreciated by one and all. Particularly the owner of the Hall showered the participants with many praises for the strict discipline and decorum.

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