Monday, 17 October 2011

Corruption the root of the democracy not the branch to curtail

Let me ask a question, where everybody has their own answers but all cannot be the answers
What the corruption means?

Is it a staff from office boy to manager bribes the civilians neither the politician’s loot the money for their arduous job contributed to society?
The chunk of money that makes the imbalance in this economic structure of the society, no matter whether it is legal or illegal, government or private it is a corruption. The base of corruption can create a role to the surplus accumulated capital in various cultural and immoral aspect no way useful to the common people except to the few numbered polluted parasites in the society. Such as gambling, excitement, unnecessary sophistication, cultural demoralization are also some of the filthy outcome of this enormous accumulated capital.

Corruption is legal in our system
Answers always pretend to be one when there are no more next questions raised. Let me change one of the famous statement to a question Does India is a democratic country? Being a student of 2’nd standard everybody can say yes but a man with social awareness can only laugh to this question.  Democracy a good mask in every show of the parliament, But it really means a freedom to be in hunger, stay unemployed along with right to vote and right to speak. Some people can say democracy died in this society, But the Democracy can only be a word in this society and it was never lived before

 Peoples are forced to see the corruption outwardly; there are many laws against corruption written on some unused papers named as Indian penal code, which suppose to punish the people sack money and benefits apart from their earnings to do their duty, but the real corruption is the whole toiling mass workers in the world thrown with some money negligible to the surplus profit earned by the few numbered capitalist class. The government and law always close eyes like one of the monkey of Gandhi.
Government! The circus ring master,

The circus ring master and the government are playing the same role. In circus even the people excited by the role of the ring master, but the people should know that the lion is powerful than the master, like the same the government shows that it controls the whole society because it always care for it, the truth is it really care for few wealthy capitalist parasites because it is only a ring master good for shows.

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