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Capitalism is not the Last Stage of History - Proved by Today’s World Scenario in this Juncture Take November Day Oath to Construct the Socialist State

Fukiyama, a capitalist thinker wrote a book after the fall of Socialist States in Soviet Union and in other East European countries. He named that book as “The End of History”. In that book he tried to prove that capitalist democracy is the last stage of human history.

History cannot be created by an individual. It has been created by great people’s upraising.  These people’s upraising only brought an end to slavery and feudalism. The eminent thinker Karl Marx said that a great proletarian upraise will bring an end to capitalist system like that of slavery and feudalism. While approving the social change of first two social systems, Fukiyama appealed us to see that how those soviet systems fell down in Soviet Union and in East Europe which was against the base of what Marx had said. In his book, he said that these developments show why the Capitalist ‘Democratic’ system is the last stage of human history. In contradiction to Fukiyama’s statement from Wall Street of America to Buckingham palace of England, a slogan unanimously has been raised by the people of America and England today.

That slogan is ‘the first and foremost enemy of all our sufferings today is the Capitalism. Capitalist big industries itself should go away from the purpose of huge profit making. That is the basic reason for our unemployment and wage cut. This slogan only raised vigoursly in Wall Street of America and now this slogan reached Spain and England.  Due to deepened economical crisis, the economy of Greece has been shattered and Greece as a country becomes to dissolve. In India like countries, the corruption which has been nourished by big capitalist industries has been dismantling the base of political standard.

“The whole history of human society was the history of class struggles” - explained beautifully by Marx who stated that by waging great struggle human society got freedom from the Slavery and Feudalism.  When the feudal society could not serve the ever-growing needs of the people it became stagnant. In that stage the Feudal System was dethroned by the emergence of Capitalist Democratic Revolution. But unlike that above mentioned revolutions Capitalist society which was emerged by Capitalist Democratic Revolution has sharpened the class division. Class struggles will be created because of class contradiction that will inevitably dethrone the capitalist system and open the gate to capture the political power by the proletariat. In this context, the great revolution waged by the proletariat of human history will stand as the process of oppressed working class struggles for themselves instead of supporting their exploiters in previous struggles. After that human society will become classless. Production will be freed from profit making. It will be changed as to fulfil the needs of the society. The benefits of human labour will be used for the improvement of entire society rather usurped by a small section of people. In that stage, the attained economic equality, opportunities for everybody to get the knowledge, massive production by widely opened gates of science and technology opens the road for equal growth of whole society. Agriculture becomes modern, through that the discrimination between rural and urban will be faded away and so the national divisions – then the whole world becomes one family – Communist society by giving no place to the agencies like state, money, trade and loan which has been aroused in the interim period of human history.

The philosophy stated by great philosopher Karl Marx is not a wonderful dream of a great intellect. The great Lenin, Stalin, Mao proved that it was practically highly possible. By great Socialist, People Democratic Revolutions they established the initial structures of great Communist Society in their respective countries. Because of profit making runs the capitalism, fanatic about huge profit making serves as a catalyst of this society. But for socialist society like this self induced catalytic notion is not needed. It is very much important that to run the socialist economy – socialist culture and consciousness widely among the people should be maintained, addition to that perfect planning is mandatory.
Communist parties of those countries became like that those parties could not create leaders like great Stalin and Mao who could maintain that consciousness because of that crisis developed in those society of Socialist Economy. By utilizing that the capitalist world brought an end to Socialism in Soviet Union and in East European Countries. “Whether is the cat black or white that is not important; it catches the rat or not – that only is very much important” – by put forth this slogan the capitalist follower and revisionist Teng-seo-bing brought export related profit making economy by withdrawing the Socialist way of growth and distribution of its benefits to the people in China. Capitalism raises its head in his way and ever grows from there.

The developed regression of working class state in those countries is not the first and foremost one. Working class state developed in Paris Commune first. That did withstand approximately for 70 days only there. By taking lesions from that defeat, the developed Socialist State of Soviet Union through the Great 1917 October Revolution (according to new calendar November) prolonged more or less 75 years. The temporary regression of that society is not at all a permanent defeat now. Don’t be mesmerized by seeing a person outwardly – in this sense even though capitalism shows decorated figure, the fall down of capitalism is inevitable in permanent nature through step by step.

After reached maximum growth which was based on the purchasing power of the people– not really the attainable maximum growth; and not based on the needs of the people, now capitalism travels very quickly in its destructive path in the globalized environment. The economic crisis of America and European countries today is the detrimental effects of above mentioned developments. Gambling in stock exchange broking loses its shiny side, so that investment in any stock will not be fruitful – this thought spreads everywhere. Because of this Gold becomes the most likelier and fruitful investment and its rate is skyrocketing now.
Like that, the crisis happened in those countries are inevitable destructing and it begins to rise in a different dimension in our country. In today’s globalized condition, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and outsourcing has shown the relative economic growth of our country. Temporarily it made the way for 20% middle class people in our country. Because of changed current situation, all the jobs based on outsourcing in our country can change at any time – this act as a hanging knife over the head for those job opportunities. At the same time employment opportunities of other 80% people has been reduced too much and unreachable rate hike for essential goods is also disrupting them in huge manner.

In this background, within 20 years after it was put forth – ‘capitalism is the last stage of history’ – the concept of Fukiyama has been handicapped. But, even though it was put forth before 170 years, concept of great Karl Marx stands now also very much correct. The books of him has been printed in thousands copies and read by millions of people throughout the world today. All the epics written by Marx get an unassailable new life and circulate throughout the world that has been witnessed by B.B.C – the mouthpiece of imperialist England, in its review – that is the best intellect produced in the human history up to now is Karl Marx. Even though it was ably supported by the capitalist media, Fukiyama’s product – the last stage of human history published in 1992, itself submerged in the rottened waste box of the history. Reason for this is that Marx put forth Science. But Fukiyama tried to practice capitalist subservience.

In this situation, to make the scientific dream which was put forth by Marx possible, observe the November revolution. In its path by taking correct lesions, try to establish Anti capitalist Socialist Revolution in India.

November Day Public Meeting

20.11.2011 (Sunday)                                                     Evening 6 o’clock onwards

Bhagawathi Amman Kovil Ground

Presided by: Com. Jeyaraman

Guest Speakers: Com. T. Sivakumar, Editor, Mattrukaruthu
                           Com. A. Anandan, General Secretary of South India, C.W.P
Communist Workers Platform (C.W.P), Tamilnadu.
Contact: Com. Jeyaraman, Mobile: +9487752548

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