Friday, 24 February 2012

Vandalize all the developments prevent to form a true working class union which is workers inseparable right

The recent developments happened against the working class in Maruti Industries in Gurgaon and in Regency Industry in Enam brings an important notice that working class of India is finding its giant feet in the form of uncompromised working class struggles. The brutal atrocities against the workers of Maruti Industries and Regency industry of Enam which was exercised by the respective State and Central governments make us to feel the budding growth of workers unions in these industries. Even though quantitatively it looks like an unnoticed development, it brings its historical importance in working class movement.

Once the Soviet Union and China, the countries of working class was broken successfully, the International working class movement suffered a lot. In addition that with the slogan of ‘saving the industrial development’ the so-called powerful workers union slowly has been taken the path of mortality through destroying the union activities against the capitalist class. In such a phased manner slowly working class not only lost its target of working class revolution but also the spirit of the working class as whole.

The recent working class movements happened in Gurgaon and Enam as well as the debridement of working class unions are not happened spontaneously.  Both of these developments happened in the process of society is progressing forward to reach the classless society through waging uncompromised class struggle by the working class against its oppressors in the form of anti capitalist socialist revolution and their governments. This brings the ray of hope in the working class movement.

To fasten this process COITU (Central Organization of Indian Trade Unions) is organizing a convention to form uncompromised workers union throughout India. Join your hands with us to fulfil the unaccomplished task of moving the society forward to create a classless society.

Working class never defeated in history

All defeats of working class are the morning mists

It will learn it’s lessens and grow ever stronger

A true communist party will fasten this process to achieve the goal of class less society


Date: 26.02.2012 Time: from 06.00 pm to 09.00 pm

Venue: Maniammai primary school, opp. Krishnan koil, north masi street, Madurai

Guest Speaker: Com. A. Anandan, Gen. Secretary, South India, CWP

Organized by

Central Organization of Indian Trade Unions (COITU), Tamilnadu

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