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Preface: 1 Answer 70 800,00,00000 Questions Land To let - Mayadhar Nayak

Shankar Singh
Political Philosopher of our times                     Date: 1st May 2011 
                                                                                    Patna, Bihar

Mayadhar Nayak
(Author of ‘Land To Let’)

On the question of land acquisition for building up industries both in private sector by industrial capitalists and in state sector by the government, a long heated debate and considerable discussions among people. Intellectuals and non – intellectuals alike, are continuing and non- intellectuals alike, are continuing ever Singur, Nandhigram, Kalinganagar, Aligarth Mayhem.

The most strong point out of many coming up in this process with divergent methods was that land which lies barren or semi- barren may that land which lies barren or semi- barren may be taken, but not fertile agricultural land. Even people like Amartya Sen, the noble laureate preferred to make an argument in favor of West – Bengal government’s attempt to dispossess the peasants from their highly rich agricultural land at Singur.

His contention so much as brought out by print media was that for growth of industries, land possessed by peasants may have to be taken irrespective of whether these lands are fertile or imfertile.

But the thought came out with the slogan of “Land to Let” from popular leader of Orissa, Mayadhar Nayak, shows the correct line to solve apparently this impossible problem.

It was something in line with what happened during early phase of the growth of industrial economy Land at that time used to be taken by industrial entrepreneurs on rent from agriculturalist owners. There are ample examples of the same in old Marxist Classics. The present day Marxists have conveniently forgotten that.

But in those days this practice was being done just as a matter of natural behavior, not as a hurdle. Developing that process of natural behavior Mayadhar Nayak now developed this thought with all relevant logics to solve the present day hurdles centering this question to keep unhurt interest of both industrialization and protection of interest of agriculturalist. This is fully in conformity with the process of the development of ideas through interaction of human brain with objective surrounding.

In explaining things better Mayadhar Nayak has mentioned examples mostly derived from social life of Orissa. This was but natural because he is a resident of Orissa having obviously the scope to view realities of social life from closest range on Orissa’s soil. But the contents of what he depicted in this book relates to whole of our national life substantially.

Shankar Singh

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