Sunday, 28 August 2011

Organize the student and young community of India to support the movement of Anna Hazare

 The movement against uncontrollable corruption in India by the social activist Anna Hazare has been continued for 12 days until the dramatic end happens through the acceptance of the Government to discuss the issues of Jan Lokpal Bill drafted by the Anna Hazare team on 28/08/2011. Young generation of India waves their support in full swing as like a strong wind for this movement. With no organizational background Anna Hazare started this movement like a one-man army and this has been spread like anything. Government acted on this background and has been unleashed undemocratic actions against this peaceful movement rather cruel than the English Government before freedom. The government thought that the attitude of the docile people in India also strengthens their way of handling this movement. But the strong growth of this movement proved that the government analysis is wrong. The strong condemnation is in the insight of the young generation against this social evils awakes suddenly and it has been emerged as gigantic support for this movement.

Started from the commonwealth games scam; corruption has been grown day by day through 2G spectrum scam and Aadarsh Housing scam. By taking superficial actions against those persons who have been acquitted in these scams; the people who run the Government thought they can hide these issues. But eventually they could not do that. Ultimately they strongly put forth the Anna Hazare Movement itself is against parliament democracy. Legislation is entirely within the limit of parliament only. They extended their statements like by the name of civil society some individuals cannot take legislative process their own and they started to condemn this movement. By having all the power and institution to emulate legislation why parliament cannot stop these ever growing corruption and scams? But there is no answer for these questions from them.

Elected members of parliament and legislative state assemblies who cannot only stop these scams as well as themselves become corrupted. Elections have been not at all happened to elect correct people for long. Now a day’s Election results have been determined by cash for vote, caste, religious and regional fanaticism. Dialectical politics centring around people issues are not at all taken by the political parties now. Today’s Media and the literature are giving importance to the non-issues and desensitizing the minds of people by which keeping them in dreamy world. All these things play an important role in electing third rated people as parliament and legislative members by the people.

Approximately 16% of today’s members of parliament are criminals who have been engaged in criminal activities; majority of these parliamentarians are getting money from capitalists to render their support in parliament. They are rather very much concerned about the cause of rich people than the day to day burning issues of majority poorest section of the people. These things are quoting how these parliament and legislative assembles are not doing anything for human welfare now a days. ‘Intellectuals’ central ministers claim “Parliamentarian democracy is disturbed by the movement of Anna Hazare”. These claims are not also enough for the cause of ending corruption. Instead of that these claims are serving to hidden the corruptions and scams. These things are going up to the extent that these corruptions were done for the welfare of people. Nobody can forget that how the current Telecom and Communication Minister hide the facts revealing the 2G scam. He stated that there was not only any loss there in 2G spectrum allocations but also it served for the welfare of common people; how strange this is!

When we welcome this movement and urge the participation of younger generation in this movement, we should not forget to see the root cause of all these ever growing corruptions and scams. Because the majority of people are depicting that these corruptions are emerging from nowhere. If we analyze the reasons properly then we can find that the big capitalist institutions of this Indian society are behind the manufacture and growth of these corruptions. All these corruptions are carried to make favourable industrial policies for the wellbeing of the Indian capitalist class to usurp huge profit by stamping their authority over the Government and its actions. Corruptions in small magnitude are exercised routinely even at the root level by the petty politicians joined with government officials and contractors now a days. At this juncture even if you bring numerous laws that laws cannot stop the corruptions and it will be last long with these legislations. This is the current scenario in Indian society. “Money is everything; if we have more money then we can purchase even the social recognition, name and human respect” – these are the lifeline of current social system. It has been proved in these circumstances corruptions cannot be changed as well as hidden until we can change the current social system which is entirely based on money and its matters.

We cannot dumb this gigantic issue of ending corruption by questioning either the Jan Lokpal bill which has been drafted by Anna Hazare and his team or the lokpal bill which has been brought by the government in nemesis of corruptions and its consequences. Should the Higher Judiciary and the higher representations of the government like Prime Minister be included within this legislation? Yes of course. But, if we are expecting faithfully that these legislations will only bring an end to the corruptions then we will be day dreamers. No legislation can be strong enough to counter the corruptions. Unified people’s power and the people’s struggle with correct target can only be the strong path against the corruption.

On basis of this the movement generated by Anna Hazare against corruption shows the ray of hope rather the Jan Lokpal bill itself. Legislation of any law in true sense is possible with broad based people’s support and with their struggle only. So called today’s ‘democracy’ is only for the moneyed people and it is very much action less; in these circumstances the hope for suffering and toiling mass of the society is people movement or exercising ‘street democracy’ only. Democracy in its true sense and the people’s government can be witnessed only by the participation of huge volume of poor and working people of this society. Now the movement by Anna Hazare opened such participation of people. The same serenity should be shown to this movement like that how J.P. movement got the popular support in 1970’s. Future of Indian society-the youngsters should come forward for uplifting this cause of Anna Hazare. This is the duty on the shoulders of the young generation of India. Even though this legislation will be formed in the future, the true practice of this legislation should be ensured by the active participation of the people – the movement.  This movement should be taken forward against all the social evils. Because the growth of society is not in the boundary of laws. It is in the people’s movement only.  We call all the young generations of this India to come forward with strong commitment, understanding and sincerity.
Student Democratic Movement (SDM)
Student forum of Communist Workers Platform (CWP)

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