Wednesday, 3 August 2011


(5th August 1923 - 5th August 1976)

"What does happen when a change of government is brought about... without a radical change of the state structure? if honest men come into government that creates further complications because common people have faith in them. if they are confused despite being honest and cannot take to the path of revolution, they have no other options but to objectively act as lackeys of the capitalist class. It is the capitalist system which they have to reform and further consolidate, yet the grievances of people subside for some time at least because people trust them. Hence, the bourgeois rule, the capitalist rule only gets the opportunity to further consolidate itself and built up a firm foundation during the regime of such honest' administrators."

 ( Independence on 15th August and problem of Emancipation of people. SW, Vol.III, p. 46 - 47)

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